The association

The Australian Kelpie Association is not only intended to engage in activities with your dog in the field of sports and recreation. The association was especially created to promote the health of the breed and to share knowledge about these dogs.

The objectives of the association are in particular:

  • Maintaining and improving the breed Australian Kelpie.
  • The promotion of the health and well-being of dogs belonging to this breed and the prevention and fighting of hereditary defects within this breed in particular, as well as promoting the love for and breeding of Australian Kelpies.
  • Identifying the health problems within the breed, as well as cooperating and promoting scientific research into the health problems within the breed
  • Based on scientific research as well as conclusions from specialists on relevant health disciplines taking and promoting measures that can lead to improvement of the health and welfare of the dogs belonging to the breed.
  • The promotion of breeding and prevention of negative influences based on a one-sided breeding policy, aimed at or exterior, behaviour and obedience, or contests.
  • Education in the form of informing lovers about the breed.


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