The Australian Kelpie is a relatively healthy breed, but there are some health issues. Note that many health issues are not only related to heredity aspects, such as physical injury such as a broken leg or for example to Giardia, Weil’s disease and the like.

Furthermore, there are a number of disorders that are hereditary, such as CA (Cerebellar Abiotrophy). In addition, there are disorders with a hereditary sensitivity (such as heart disease, epilepsy, spondylosis, etc.).

Hereditary sensitivity means that from the perspective of heredity, under certain circumstances, there is a greater chance that the disorder will manifest itself. What do we mean by certain circumstances? A number of important factors are environmental factors. For example too intensive, too frequent and incorrectly executed training sessions, but also too much and wrong exercise at a young age (walking too many stairs, cycling, jumping, etc.). One can also think of traumas such as an accident, but also factors such as housing, hygiene, medicine use play a role. Another very important factor is nutrition. An unbalanced nutrition can lead to problems, trigger and aggravate the risk of certain diseases.

With common manifestations of diseases there are 3 main causes: a) hereditary sensitivity b) dog handling c) food

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